English or Gibberish? How can you be sure your candidate's level of English proficiency is good enough for the joby?

english or gibberishToday's global economy requires companies to communicate with international clients, regulatory partners and vendors from all over the world. Of such, The English language is more important than ever in the business world – since English is an international language, playing a central role in internal processes, professional programs, market analyses, and understanding professional terminology etc.

In this reality, it's not surprising to discover that Israel has seen an major increase in the need for English speaking employees at all levels of proficiency – from basic, enabling basic communication, to native-speaking which enables employees to build a deep and confident relationship with strategic partners abroad.

One's ability to express oneself in English is critical when communicating with clients via phone, online platforms or presentations. Until recently, recruiters could only assess this ability by meeting the candidate face- to-face. True, we could test candidates with a full battery of English tests, or we could interview them in English – however these steps tend to prolong the recruitment process and could also intimidate good potential candidates.

At Adam Milo, we have devised a new digital solution that is already creating a buzz amongst HR professionals – this solution fits in well within recruitment processes of all kinds and numbers. It is a quick, English proficiency test, accurate and professional, administered via smartphone. Candidates love it and the company can immediately identify the level of English their candidates possess – without surprises.

Interesting, How does it work? 

Very simple – the candidate takes the test whenever and wherever feels comfortable to them – from home or any other place, by smartphone, tablet, or desktop, All they need is a device with a camera and microphone. Of course, it is recommended to take the test in a quiet place in which they can concentrate without background noises or disruptions. The camera lets you know that the candidate is the one answering the questions. In addition, the candidate does not have to prepare in advance.

How long does the test take? 

A few minutes, "no time" at all – considering candidates answer all questions without interruption, fast candidates will complete the test within ten minutes, others may take up to 15 minutes – including reading the instructions, and checking that everything works well.

 What does the test check in such a short period of time? 

The test checks almost everything. Alongside a short multiple choice test, and a Listening comprehension test, the candidate is asked to answer a few open  ended questions checking for comprehension, accuracy, vocabulary, expression, and fluency. For example, candidates are asked to talk about a special even that occurred in their lives. The questions are timed, and time restricted. Using advanced technology and machine learning, the system analyzes the answers and provides a summary report with scores on different parameters.

What do candidates say about the test? 

The feedback is great – candidates report that the test is not only quick and easy to use – but that they also feel more confident (as opposed to face-to face English interviews). They also report that the user-interface is excellent.

What do HR professionals receive as output?

They receive a quick and accurate snapshot - a report assessing the candidate's English proficiency level. The test uses the CEFR – The Council of Europe's Framework of Reference for languages – criteria. This is the most accepted international standard for checking language proficiency. The company receives a guideline for translating the findings and categorizing candidates into one of six levels of English Proficiency

Want to learn more about our new test? 

Contact us at Adam milo, we would be happy to schedule a demonstration